MACE FOODS Ltd Office and factory are located along Kipkaren road, of Kisumu road near the former Rivatex on plot 15/1751 in the industrial zone of Eldoret town. MACE carries out its processing operation in the factory premises in Eldoret. The premises are large enough to house the factory and offices for the staff and directors. MACE FOODS also has 14 field offices complete with an office and a storage space for the farmers produce.

Premises and Plant

All the premises both in the field and in the factory must also have access to clean running water, electricity, telephones and email services. They must be easily accessible and visible to all our farmers and partners.

The plant hygiene is maintained following EU requirements.

Equipment and facilities

In the factory, we have a solar drying house, milling machines, magnetic separators, vibrosorter, packaging machines, weighing scales, grading & sieving tables, computers, desks and chairs.

Transportation Systems

The company requires transport for three major purposes, collection of farm produce, fieldwork and delivery of produce to Mombasa. The company has a lorry, which is used for collection of farm produce and sometimes fieldwork to deliver seedlings. The Agronomist and management staff have a pick-up double cabin for field management and supervision duties. The Field Officers are assigned motorbikes for all fieldwork in relation to follow up visits to farms. For transport to Mombasa, the company is forced to hire transport due to the huge quantities. The goods move by lorry to Nairobi, where they are stuffed into containers. The container is then moved by railway to Mombasa and then shipped on board. This whole process takes between 7-14 days.

Quality Assurance:

Standardization of products.

All MACE FOODS products have the mandatory Standardization Mark, which is issued by Kenya Bureau of Standards. This mark is given to companies that process product that complies with National Standards for Food Safety, Handling and Processing. On a yearly basis, the company has to submit random samples for analysis and only when the parameters analyzed are met, the certificate is issued. In all the years of operation MACE FOODS has not failed to comply.

Product Analysis.

All our products for export are subjected to rigorous analysis of the following:

  • Microbiological properties
  • Chemical properties
  • Presence of heavy metals
  • Colorants
  • Mycotoxins (aflatoxin and ochratoxin)
  • Pesticide residuals

The analysis MUST be carried out by a laboratory that is certified and accredited by a European accreditation body. In Kenya MACE FOODS works with a laboratory accredited to analyse only the following:

  • Microbiological properties
  • Chemical properties
  • Presence of Heavy Metals
  • The other properties are analysed in Europe by a laboratory accredited to do the following:
  • Colorants
  • Mycotoxins
  • Pesticide residuals


All the packing used for export and local sales are sourced locally. In fact, for the packaging for sachets and bulk local sales the suppliers are located less than 50 meters from the MACE FOODS premises.

The packaging is carefully selected to ensure that the product is protected from harsh weather conditions and poor handling during the transportation. This type of packaging is more expensive than the ordinary packaging

Occupation Health and Safety Audits and Certification.

On a yearly basis, MACE FOODS is audited by officials of the Ministry of Labour to certify the company as compliant in health and safety issues in the factory. This means before the certificate is issued the staff have to be trained yearly in:

Fire fighting and SafetyFirst Aid

Environmental Audits and certification.

On a yearly basis, MACE FOODS also does an environmental impact assessment and is certified as compliant.

Staff Medical screening:

As a mandatory requirement for all food handlers, MACE FOODS makes food handlers medical screening for all factory staff every 3 months.

Quality manuals and documents

As part of compliance to our Quality policy statement MACE FOODS maintains several documents and records in order to monitor the whole process and ensure the final product is of desired quality. The documentation and records maintained in the factory process are as follows: